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Chapter Membership

Anyone who is serving or has served on active duty or in one of the reserve components as a commissioned or warrant officer in one of the seven U.S. uniformed services (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Navy, and Public Health Service) is eligible for Regular membership in MOAA.  Surviving spouses of deceased individuals who would, if living, be eligible for Regular membership are eligible for Auxiliary membership.  All chapter members, both Regular and Auxiliary, are strongly encouraged to maintain membership in National MOAA, as this is what makes it possible for National MOAA to continue to serve the military community.

Chapter dues are payable on a calendar year basis.

Annual chapter dues for Regular members are $25.00.  Those for Auxiliary members are $15.00.  A PREMIUM National MOAA membership costs $48.00 for one year, $82 for two years, or $108 for three years.   Life memberships in National MOAA are also available at rates which vary depending on your age.

Click here for a chapter membership application form.  It’s in PDF (a.k.a. Adobe Reader) format.  If you don’t already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, click here for a free download.  Print a copy of the application form, complete it, and mail it to the chapter’s Membership Chairman, who will contact you should any chapter dues be owed:

Membership Chairman, NNJ-MOAA
CPT Daniel Sullivan, USA
(908) 337-0031

Chapter dues are separate and apart fom national dues.  Because we don’t have a permanent administrative staff to administer them, we do not offer lifetime chapter memberships. 

Note that, for national MOAA members, there are discounts available on a number of commercial products and services.  For information about discounts available to national MOAA members, click here.

To view the chapter’s bylaws, click here.